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William Hall
Name: William H
Position: Nursery Hall
Start: May 2015

Hello, my name is William H and I am a Nursery Nurse as part of the settings supply team. I currently hold a level 3 qualification in Childcare.

I really enjoy the role of supply Nursery Nurse as I am able to spend time with children across every age range and create strong bonds. This also helps the children to transition from room to room, recognising familiar adults as well as their key person.

I am passionate about learning through play and I promote a ‘have a go’ attitude to all children. Trying new things and accomplishing them is a wonderful feeling for a child, and the learning journey from start to finish in any process promotes all areas of the curriculum and learning.

Name: Rebecca C
Position: Nursery Nurse
Start: July 2017

Hello, my name is Rebecca C and I am a Supply Nursery Nurse. I am BTEC Level 3 qualified in Childcare.

Ensuring each child is supported by consistent staff allows us to form close bonds and mutual trust between the staff and the children. Being a consistent member of the supply team also allows me to have a focussed insight into your child’s achievements and next steps and allows me to offer a personalised curriculum in which your child can thrive.

Each child’s family have access to their learning journey and memory book records which are filled with observations, photos and assessments and we work closely with you to complete these records. Our parents find these documents a fantastic way to see their child’s development and a lovely keepsake for years to come.

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