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Stacey Black
Name: Stacey B
Position: Acting Room Supervisor
Start: October 2010

Hello, my name is Stacey B and I am a the Acting Room Supervisor within the Tweenie (2-3 years) Room. I have a Level 3 Diploma in childcare, and I am the Health & Safety Officer for Little Leprechauns Day Nursery.

At Little Leprechauns Day Nursery we offer inclusive practice and we celebrate the diversity of individuals and communities. In all areas of development, play and communication, we ensure that every parent, child and staff member is valued and respected and we pride ourselves on the ability to actively listen to the opinions, thoughts and feelings of others, providing a unique and positive experience for each child and their family.

Name: Becky H
Position: Nursery Nurse
Start: October 2016

Hello, my name is Becky H and I am a Nursery Nurse within the Tweenie room (2-3 years). I am Level 3 qualified in Child Care and Education.

Being 2 years old is an incredibly exciting time. Children are beginning to have a deeper understanding that they have an important place in the world around them and everything is a new exploration.

Communication and language rich environments help children to develop language skills to express their needs and wants. Children in the Tweenie room are very expressive, verbally and non-verbally and we are using their interests to aid their development, especially in areas such as communication and language, physical development and also personal and emotional development.

Olivia Haslam
Name: Olivia H
Position: Nursery Assistant
Start: May 2013

Hello, my name is Olivia H and I am a Nursery Nurse within the Tweenie Room (2-3 years). I currently hold a level 3 qualification in Childcare and Foundation Degree in Early Years from the University of Derby.

I really enjoy the role of Tweenie Nursery Nurse and I am passionate about creating strong bonds with the children. Strong bonds not only help children to thrive in their learning but also helps the children to transition from room to room as they have developed secure attachments.

I am passionate about improving the experiences and education of the children in our care and believe I am a good role model for all children.

Michelle Lander
Name: Michelle S
Position: Nursery Nurse
Start: March 2013

Hello, my name is Michelle S and I am a Nursery Nurse and key person within the Tweenie room. I am currently hold a BA (Hons) Degree in Sociology from the University of Sheffield and I am hoping to study to become an Early Years Teacher (EYT).

I really enjoy getting to know children, their interests and their achievements and I enjoy helping each child to feel proud of what they can already do as well as new successes. Child development has always been an interest of mine and seeing the rapid development that toddlers make brings me so much joy – I take pride in knowing that along with their family, I have been part of that amazing journey in each child’s life.

Creating warm, trusting and caring bonds with the children allows them to develop in a safe and nurturing environment, and I am passionate about the care and education that each individual child receives.

Emma Roebuck
Name: Emma R
Position: Nursery Nurse
Start: November 2014

Hello, my name is Emma R. I am a Nursery Nurse within the Tweenie room and I hold a level 3 diploma in childcare.

Ensuring each child is allocated a key person, allows us to form close bonds and mutual trust between the staff and the children. Being a key person allows me to have a focussed insight into your child’s achievements and next steps and allows me to offer a personalised curriculum in which your child can thrive.

Each child’s family have access to their learning journey and memory book records which are filled with observations, photos and assessments and we work closely with you to complete these records. Our parents find these documents a fantastic way to see their child’s development and a lovely keepsake for years to come

Name: Lydia G
Position: Nursery Nurse
Start: August 2017

Hello, my name is Lydia G. I hold a BTEC level 3 national diploma in childcare and I work within the Tweenie room with children aged 2-3 years.

I have a real passion for children’s learning and development within this age group and enjoy seeing the progression from children leaving the baby room to entering the Tweenie room. The language and communication skills acquired by children is really interesting and I enjoy using different techniques in order to ensure that every child feels that they can communicate, either verbally or non-verbally.

Seeing children’s confidence rise in their own ability is extremely rewarding, as is the pride that they feel when they have mastered a new skill, especially one which has been practiced a lot. I have high regard for what children can already do and believe in the importance of using this as a starting point for their next steps.

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