Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

The Tweenie room had a wonderful day sharing the traditional tale of Goldilocks and the 3 bears.

After sitting beautifully to listen to the story, the children decided to try out some of the journey that Goldilocks took themselves.

First of all they each sat and tried 3 real bowls of porridge in 3 different sized bowls – a big bowl, a medium sized bowl and a small bowl. The children then took a vote and counted which bowl had the most votes – the small bowl of porridge was their favourite.

Next the children found 3 different sized chairs – a big chair, a medium sized chair and a small chair. The children then took another vote and counted up which chair had the most – the small chair was the favourite because ‘it was so soft’.

Finally the children tried out 3 different sized beds – a big bed, a medium size bed and a small bed. The children took a final vote and counted up which bed had the most votes. The smallest bed once again was their favourite.

The children at Little Leprechauns Day Nursery love sharing books and are always so fascinated by the pictures and adventures within the book. Re-enacting a story is a brilliant way to help the children really understand the characters, their emotions and also recalling and remembering the order of the story.