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William Hall
Name: William H
Position: Nursery Nurse
Start: May 2015

Hello, my name is William H and I am a Nursery Nurse as part of the settings supply team. I currently hold a level 3 qualification in Childcare.

I really enjoy the role of supply Nursery Nurse as I am able to spend time with children across every age range and create strong bonds. This also helps the children to transition from room to room, recognising familiar adults as well as their key person.

I am passionate about learning through play and I promote a ‘have a go’ attitude to all children. Trying new things and accomplishing them is a wonderful feeling for a child, and the learning journey from start to finish in any process promotes all areas of the curriculum and learning.

Suzanne Henman
Name: Suzanne H
Position: Nursery Cook
Start: October 2007

Hello, my name is Suzanne H and I am the Nursery Cook and qualified in Food Safety & Catering, I am also level 3 qualified in childcare. I am a firm believer in creating healthy, nutritious meals using fresh produce, to promote your child’s development, concentration and health.

The children contribute to their meals by growing herbs in their sensory garden for me to use, or by going on outings to the local market for fresh produce. Having an understanding about keeping healthy, the community, growth and choices allows children to become active learners. The children (especially in the 2-5 year rooms) demonstrate independence by serving their own meals, pouring their own drinks, and clearing away their plates/bowls after they have finished. Children have the opportunity to make healthy choices and the social aspects of our mealtimes are essential in promoting good table manners and engaging in conversation.

I cater for any allergies, dislikes, cultural and religious requirements and vegetarian options are always available. Little Leprechauns has been awarded the highest score of 5 for food hygiene and safety during the environmental health inspections.

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